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AISTech2020 Steel Show (PPD)

Start date: August 31, 2020 - End date: September 3, 2020

What: AISTech2020 Steel Show

Where: Cleveland, OH – Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland

When: August 31 to September 3, 2020

AISTech 2020 —If you’re in the iron and steel industry, this is a can’t miss event.  The AISTech2020 will be held at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.  This event will feature technologies from all over the world that help steel producers compete more effectively in today’s global market. AISTech is for anyone involved at any level of today’s steel marketplace, providing perspective on the technology and engineering expertise necessary to power a sustainable steel industry.  While at the show, please visit some of the Schlemmer Business Partners:

BLH Nobel – Shared Booth 2451 featuring accurate and efficient methods of crane weighing

Lenox Instrument – Booth 1479 featuring High Temperature Furnace Cameras

Optris Infrared Sensing – Booth 2691 featuring the latest in Infrared Spot Pyrometers and Thermal Imaging Cameras